The good start of CELG Vancouver

2018-03-18 00:00:00

CELG INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING, the first branch office of CELG obtained a professional permit from the British Columbia Bar Association on July 23, 2018. The office was officially opened in Vancouver on October 1, 2018。
Since its opening for half year, CELG Vancouver has actively carried out various business to broad its prospects, and has already achieved a certain popularity among the Vancouver Chinese community.

Firstly, benefiting from CELG and Mr. Youxi  Chen’s own reputation, CELG Vancouver has established long-term legal advisory relations with several local well-known Chinese companies.
CELG owns offices in Zhejiang province and Shanghai for many years, which has accumulated a large number of high-quality customers and good reputation. Mr. Chen has been known because of his classical cases. At the first moment when Mr. Chen arrived in Vancouver, the local channel interviewed him, which was a good start for CELG Vancouver opening. Meanwhile, Mr. Chen brought plenty of clients for CELG Vancouver, three famous companies signed contract with CELG in the opening day, including CANADA DEHUA INTERNATIONAL MINES GROUP INC, CANADA STEWART ENERGY GROUP and oil company.

Secondly, Mrs. Tao Ding, the director of CELG Vancouver, visited local Chinese merchants to explore case resource.
Vancouver has the largest number of investment immigrants from China. Chinese businessmen have not only achieved success in operating enterprises in China, but also actively invested in industry and participated in local economic development in Vancouver. International business interaction can cause clients many difficulties to communicate with both sides. After CELG Vancouver established, Mrs. Tao Ding visited the clients to understand the needs of customers. And now, CELG can provide 24-hour uninterrupted service and cut down on time costs. Vancouver lawyers work during the day and Chinese lawyers at night. CELG Vancouver lawyers can provide face-to-face services to solve problems, looking at the materials on the spot and exchanging views with local lawyers at the scene. The documents and results will be handed over to clients the next day. Clients are happy with this high efficient legal service.
Third, the establishment of CELG Vancouver has attracted the attention of local law firms. A number of local law firms visited and reached cooperation agreements.

CELG Vancouver is the first Chinese law firm to provide Chinese legal consulting services in Vancouver. Its business model has attracted the attention of major local law firms, including a well-known comprehensive law firm in North America and many local law firms specialized on litigation and securities business. These law firms all have a large number of Chinese clients. They used to provide services to their Chinese clients by working with Chinese law firms, but because of different time zones and language, they were not able to solve the problem effectively. In order to enhance service quality, they visited CELG Vancouver to set up customer sharing mechanism. Such cooperation model has no business competition and conflict, but only mutual benefits. CELG Vancouver has opened its doors to work with local law firms to expand its client resources and increase its visibility and influence in the local legal community.

In addition, as a local lawyer in practice, CELG Vancouver has conscientiously studied the regulations of the local Bar Association and the Bar Association on trade management and practice discipline, in order to set up a good professional image for Chinese lawyers in the local lawyer’s industry.